Sunday, October 24, 2010

“Hola, Meesus Browner! Oh, are you coming back to Cancun?” I could almost hear the waves and smell the salsa.

“I wish I could be there this afternoon,” I said. “But no, I’ve lost something and I need your help.”

“OK. What can I help you with Meesus Browner?”

“In room 4055 I think I left my bite guard on the bedside table,” I said, knowing this was going to be a challenge.

“Your Right Guard,” she said.

“No, my bite guard.” Did she honestly think I would call Mexico to find lost deodorant? “It’s a small, white plastic thing I sleep with to keep from clenching my teeth,” I said slowly and loudly using my hands to describe it. “It was kind of expensive and I sure would like to find it.”

“Let me look at my Lost and Found list. Hummm ... No. No there is not bit guard,” she said.

Now she thinks I wear a bit like a horse. I can only imagine the conversations that go on behind the front desk about the crazy Americans.

“I will watch for it on the list and email you if we find it, OK Meesus Browner,” she asked?

“OK. Thank you so much,” I said as I hung up the phone. I felt like a kid who had thrown her retainer in the school cafeteria trash. But this time I couldn’t dig through the big grey can to look for it. Darn that aggravates me. I don’t lose things. I think the Proverb says, “Pride comes before the fall.”

I felt like I needed to apologize to someone so I told Jim I was sorry. “Oh, stuff happens. Don’t beat yourself up,” he said sounding happy I’d joined the ranks with those who lose things. “Honestly the housekeeper probably thought they were Halloween teeth and threw them away.” I think he was secretly glad.

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