Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are we born with it or do we develop it? My mom and dad could get into the longest discussions at the dinner table; is it nature or nurture? It was always the same ... can you train a regular horse to be a champion? I can’t remember who supported which side of the question but it could heat up quicker than politics. More than once I wanted to say, “Who cares, pass the potatoes please.”

I suppose there’s strong evidence for both sides of the issue. Some people are born gifted musically, athletically, or with an IQ off the chart. Everything seems to come easily for them and there’s really no other way to describe what they have except a God-given talent.

Then there are those who have average ability who achieve anything but average accomplishments. They have the grit and gumption to muscle their way through because of their deep commitment and determination. Really, that’s a gift too.

It doesn’t seem fair that some are handed their gifts and others have to work for them. But, how many times have you seen someone squander their gift or leave it unwrapped. I watched an extremely talented young man never even tap into his potential because he had zero drive. As a middle aged adult he’s still wandering trying to figure out what it is he wants to do with his life.

Personally, I think you can train a regular horse to be a champion. Sometimes the extremely smart and talented can be flighty and moody and socially awkward. I’d take average with a determined spirt any day. Mom and Dad were both right ... it takes nature and nurture.

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