Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For this mom, nothing is better than having everyone together. Going on a family trip was my dream, however planning for 15 takes time, patience and creativity. But we did it and here we are in Cancun, Mexico. Jim and I came in a few days early to make sure everything was set because, for me, phone conversations are challenging between southern Missouri and Mexico. I’m not quite sure why I feel like the natives can understand me better if I use my hands and speak slowly and loudly.

The hotel staff was well aware of the MEESTER BROWNER familia by the time we started arriving. Everyone is Meester Browner including Meester Jones. I wonder if there was a staff memo: “Aqui vienen!!” (Here they come!!)

I knew fall was hurricane season, but we’ve been here before this time of year and have never even seen a raindrop. The weather was picture perfect even when the staff began stacking the beach furniture. We started asking questions when the hurricane shutters were being lowered. Hurricane Paula was on the way, but she was only a category 2. Oh well, thank goodness for that!

I ran into a couple in the hotel lobby who had been in Cancun during a hurricane before. They were evacuated to a school in town and slept on the floor for four days with water, crackers and cans of tuna. I really didn’t need to know that.

This morning we learned Paula has taken a right turn and is headed for Cuba. Travis said she most likely realized the Meester Browner familia was in Cancun and ran scared. The pool chairs are outside again and it’s raining, but as Jill says, “If it rains on vacation you’re still on vacation.”

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