Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everyone’s own little world is made up of what they are aware of. Isn’t it strange how something magically appears everywhere once you know it exists? Until you start shopping for a silver Honda Civic you more than likely don’t have any reason to know silver is the most popular car color. Suddenly every third vehicle you pass is silver. I thought I was a cutting-edge Mom when I bought my first mini-van, but was shocked to find out I was finally in step with the trend the first day I lined up in the carpool lane at the elementary school.

After I met Jim Brawner on a blind date my freshman year in college I saw him every day on campus between classes. How did I not see him for a whole semester? He didn’t change the route he had walked, I had just become keenly aware of him. He was suddenly showing up everywhere. However some of that might have been on purpose.

Why is it we tend to be inwardly focused until something is brought to our attention? It’s as if things don’t exist until we notice them, yet they are there. The world is a fascinating place if we would only look up out of our regular, everyday routine. We might be surprised how much we could learn.

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