Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday reminded me why even the slightest bit of change can sometimes give me a headache. It all started with the television. Ours died a slow and painful death a couple of years ago. Our friend Gregg had just bought a new one, so he let us borrow his old TV. We enjoyed it, but it was time for us to get our own.

Jim Brawner is the research analysis and Consumer Reports guru. After two weeks of intense study, he made his decision. I suppose he was tracking down the best TV like he was on a big game hunt. I would have gone to the store, picked the one with the prettiest picture and bought it.

When the Geek Squad guy came to set everything up, he and Jim got into a discussion about cable service. Jim chose to bundle to get the better deal so our Internet and phone service had to be moved. No problem until the phone bill came from the old phone company. After two 45 minute stints on hold for the phone company account specialist, a woman finally answered, questioning why we were changing and asking if we knew about their company’s bundle packages.

I blamed the decision on Jim just so I could get off the phone. After I hung up, as I was walking past the security system key pad, I noticed the SERVICE yellow light was shining. The security company sent someone to check it out. “We’ve had trouble with the media company you’ve switched to not finishing up so their system will link with ours, but we can fix it,” he explained.

The service guys couldn’t find the phone jack in the downstairs techno central room. After two calls to Jim, we realized a heavy shelving unit holding books, plaques, and general stuff had to be moved. It took all three of us. As the guys slowly moved out the book case, I stood still in horror. It’s similar to moving the refrigerator that’s sat in one spot for five years. Notes, papers, things that had been lost for months and dead bugs were everywhere.

I wanted to say, “You know, contrary to popular belief, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ is only a saying. It’s not really in Scripture.” Instead I said, “Hold on a minute while I get the vacuum cleaner.” I guess they felt sorry for me because they moved the other shelves so I could clean behind them too.

It all started with a new TV. Now understand why change threatens me. It’s like falling down stairs ... you don’t stop after one.

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