Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I guess I’ll always be a sucker for, “Mom, I need your help with something.” I should know better by now, but the momma in me blurs my clear thinking. A couple of months ago, I got one of those calls from Jason. He sounded so serious.

Jason is the director at Camp Barnabas, a summer camp for kids with special needs. Every August, Price Cutter grocery chain hosts the Price Cutter Pro-Am golf tournament. Camp Barnabas is one of 40 charities that benefit and this year they were in charge of the fashion show for the ladies’ luncheon.

“Mom, Keri from camp, needs you to model for the fashion show. Alison’s going to,” he added, thinking I wouldn’t protest if she would be with me.

“Oh Jason, I don’t know. That’s so far out of my comfort zone.” But then he got me, “It’s for the kids and I think you’ll have fun with Alison.” “Oh,” I said. “Thanks so much Mom. Keri will be calling you. Love you. Talk to you later,” he said as he hung up. I still don’t know how he got “Yes” out of “Oh”.

A few weeks later, Keri from camp called to set up a meeting with the personal shopper at Dillard’s. I asked if I could go with Alison. “Oh, Alison didn’t realize the tournament is when she’s out of town. She can’t be there. So when is a good time for you?” Great. Now I was on my own.

I don’t know why I can comfortably speak to 2,000 women, but the thought of parading around in front of 100 gave me heart palpitations and a dry mouth. The meeting with Beth the personal shopper was interesting. I’ll have to admit, I had fun and I relaxed a bit.

Yesterday when we were finally made up, dressed up, and lined up, I said, “I think I might throw up.” One girl laughed and said, “Then you'd be a real runway model.”

Right before I walked out, I felt like Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality, so out of place. But then, I thought about the kids. This is for the kids. I took a deep breath and walked and I didn’t fall down.

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