Friday, August 27, 2010

Watching airline ticket prices is like watching the stock market. What looks good can change in ten minutes and if it does look good, act on it now. Just like shopping at TJ Maxx, if you find a smoking deal, be sure to put it in your cart, push it around for a while, then decide. If you don’t, it will for sure be gone when you go back to pick it up off the rack.

I’m beginning to understand why this part of the United States is called fly over country. Depending on the day, I can fly to London and back cheaper than I can fly to Dallas because so many airlines prefer to fly over instead of stop.

Twenty-five percent of my email every day is concerning travel. I’ve signed up for every alert from every airline so I can snatch a decent price when it rolls over on the leader board. Just when I think I have it figured out, a new deal comes out.

Then I start comparing the add-ons for seat selection, checked bags, and which airport has the cheapest parking fees. You need a degree in travel management to figure it all out.

There are so many “discount” travel sites now. The first time I booked through Cheap-O Tickets I could hear Mom telling me when I was 10 years old, “Remember, Suzette, you usually get what you pay for.” That’s a little unsettling when flying is involved.

When layover times and arriving at the airport at least an hour early are factored in, driving can be faster. If you do drive you are at least assured your luggage will arrive with you and there’s no virtual strip search involved.

I suppose I’m going to have face booking airline tickets like I do balancing the check book ... coffee, neck stretches, prayer, and a calculator.

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