Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I’ve decided remodeling is similar to childbirth. You know it hurts, but after a while you forget how much, so you try it again. This morning, I slapped my forehead and said, “Oh yeah. This is what it feels like." Six years have passed since the first round of fix up and it didn’t involve the kitchen. This go-around might be like birthing triplets.

Rob the painter took the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and free standing pantry back to his shop to paint. All the food from the pantry is piled high on the counter tops. We look a bit like hoarders. Why do I have so much stuff and when was the last time I used almond flavoring? I found a couple of things that expired two years ago. It’s a little embarrassing.

The new appliances are all in except the microwave that’s still in the box in the garage. After installing the dishwasher, my better judgement told me to not ask Jim about the microwave for a couple of weeks.

The day the countertop guy came and set up all his computerized equipment is the same day the storm door guy and the tile guy came to measure. It was also the day the lawn care folks cut down a tree and trimmed the hedges. Jim was trying to back out of the maze in the driveway when his rear view mirror caught the side of the countertop company truck. I suppose that’s why we have insurance.

Today Rob is priming the cabinets. The fumes are enough to make me want to stay outside on the porch. That’s saying a lot since it’s 100 degrees out there. I did learn how to take down the microwave. Maybe enough time has passed to request the new one be installed.

The flooring man came to measure and this afternoon I have to pick out tile and carpet. I think it’s the last thing I have to decide on. It’s like buying a new pair of jeans. Then you need a new top, shoes and accessories. It never ends. Hopefully, the next time I even think about remodeling or updating I can remember childbirth .

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