Monday, August 2, 2010

What I thought was a simple request turned out to be a shocking experience. When I drove through McDonald’s to pick up my favorite Southwest Chicken Salad the other day, I very casually asked if I could have a copy of the nutrition facts sheet. The server had to ask the manager who had to rummage and dig for one. When I got home with my salad and sweet tea I decided I would brush up on my nutritional knowledge.

Since I was having a salad I checked that category first. It had 320 calories. Not bad. But the Newman’s Own Creamy Southwest Dressing added another 100. Maybe next time I’ll have the Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette and save 60 calories.

Then I scanned the burgers and that’s when the shock and awe began. The Angus Deluxe Burger has 750 calories! I smiled since I rarely eat beef. But the second shock wave hit when I read the Premium Chicken Grilled Club clocked in at 530 calories. Evidently grilled just sounds skinny. Add medium fries at 380 calories and a large Dr. Pepper at 310 and there’s more than half of your 2000 calories suggested calories for the day in one sitting. And, if you might decide to add for dessert a 16 ounce McFlurry with M&Ms at 1050 calories you will have 2270 calories. Unbelievable!

I started to panic because my beloved Sweet Tea wasn’t even on the sheet. Was it like unlisted prices in a fancy restaurant ... they don’t want to shock the customers so they leave them off? I quickly Googled it up. A large Sweet Tea is 230 calories, about 80 less than the Dr. Pepper. However, I usually ask for half sweet and half regular so do I get to say it's only 115 calories?

Here’s what I’ve figured out: You just about need a degree in math to know what to eat. And, if knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, in this situation I think I’d rather be blissful. The knowledge is just too shocking.

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