Friday, May 28, 2010

“If men liked shopping, they’d call it research.”

Jim Brawner is all about Consumer Reports. Before buying, he studies cars, TV’s, phones, and computers like an investigator. He even knows the highest rating for things we don’t need and never will buy, so shopping is research for him.

Honestly I’m more concerned about cup holder placement than miles per gallon and if a laptop fits in my briefcase is much more important than megas or gigas or whatever it is that impresses people who understand technology.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to shopping for clothes. My friend Gary says men hunt for clothes. They go to the mall, shoot it, bag it, and bring it home.

It’s a mission for Jim to buy a pair of black slacks. He hits the mall and goes in the first store that looks like it might sell black slacks, finds his size and he might try them on. If he does, I guarantee he won’t twirl and wonder if the slacks make his rear look big. For men, if they zip up, they fit. He pays for the slacks and leaves the mall. Not much research goes on with that.

Recently I went shopping for a black pair of slacks and got totally distracted. I found little girl clothes 75% off, a new kitchen gadget and note cards for Aunt Jo. Within 30 minutes I forgot the original reason for going to the mall. Then I needed a time out so I sat down for coffee and tried to remember what it was I was really looking for.

Jill called with some cooking questions and Jim called wanting to know what time I was getting home. Then I was way off track. I started out for the parking lot and couldn't pass up a couple of stores with SALE signs in the window. After I picked up an Auntie Anne’s pretzel I left the mall knowing I had had a great shopping experience. No research necessary.

When I was about to fall asleep that night I remembered ... black slacks. I need to always shop with a list.


  1. I'm like (Norma's) Gary and Jim. I hunt, bag and kill. My Gary likes to you like to shop! He and I went shopping (hunting) a frig a year or so after we got married. We went to sears and I went straight (past the women's clothing) to the appliance dept. We bought the frig and I headed to the car. Gary pulls me into the women's dept and shows me clothes (3 or 4 items) he had spotted on the way in for me to try on! I had barely even noticed we walked through women's. I still don't go shopping without him. I just go to the dressing room and let him hand me thing. I HATE shopping!

  2. I relate to Jim. I hate shopping, want to get in and get out with the most bang for my buck, and get on with my life. Shopping online is my very favorite way to acquire the things I need because I can do the research, shop several stores at once, and get the best price in less than thirty minutes.I heart online coupons and free shipping.

    My Achilles Heel is bookstores. But I'm not sure that qualifies?