Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent in bleachers, on fields, in gyms, at pools and on courts over the last thirty years I could probably buy a car or take a really long trip. Just when I thought I was going to store the bleacher cushions, umbrellas and folding chairs the grandkids are putting on uniforms.

Jim went on a Cub Scout camp out last weekend. The boys were making the big crossing from Tiger Cub to Wolf and had to complete tests in knot tying and compass and maps. Big was the only Grandad there and in typical Jim Brawner style, I’m sure he had more fun than anyone.

Last night we went to Jameson’s T ball game at the Rec Plex. He plays on the blue team, The Royals. Everyone should have as much fun as these kids do. Each base has a coach to tell them when to run and which way to run because it gets confusing with so many things to remember when you’re five and six years old.

One player got so excited he went straight from second base to home. I guess the home plate coach was cheering louder. There were several head on collisions and there was a rugby style scramble for the ball in the infield until the kids realized they were on the same team. Then they laughed and were overly polite, “You take it. No, you take it.” Meanwhile the runners were rounding the bases.

The batter before Jameson was left handed so when Jameson got up to bat he gave it a try from that side of the plate too. Jameson’s right handed. When the Royals were out in the field he ran the ball to the first baseman and handed it to him instead of throwing it. I guess he thought the ball would get there faster. The runner was out! Whatever it takes.

The best part was watching big grins on the little faces while they were superhero baseball players. So here we go again. Round two. Another thirty years.

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  1. Somehow, I think you and Jim won't mind one little bit!