Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was lost in my own thoughts staring at a jewelry display wondering if it was too soon to start Christmas shopping. I feel so efficient when I shop ahead. But finding a laser level or mini light saber hidden in the bottom of my socks drawer this time next year is usually what happens. I stood there arguing with myself when I was so rudely interrupted, “Of course it won’t fit. I ate onion rings.”

I turned around to see who was talking. The woman behind me was shaking her head in disgust. “Why do I think any of these rings are going to fit when I have onion rings for lunch. They blow me up like a puff fish. Those *^@~# onion rings!”

I laughed out loud. She stared at me with the stink eye so I turned around and twirled the necklace display acting like nothing had happened. To my relief she started laughing too. “Maybe if you drink a lot of water the ring will fit tomorrow. It really is pretty,” I suggested.

“Or maybe I should remember onion rings do that to me,” she said as she handed the sales person her credit card and smiled.

In reality she knew the onion rings weren’t to blame. It was just easier to blame them instead of her bad choice. How many times do I catch myself tempted to accuse everything and everyone for mistakes I make all by myself? I think the guilt doesn’t bite so hard if I share the blame.

Our bosses, kids, husbands, and siblings are accused for most of our misfortunes. The government and our mothers are blamed for the rest. We’re all guilty of passing blame on some level and it’s really not fair. I hate to even recommend a new restaurant to some people because if they don’t enjoy it, it’s my fault. Ducking blame is so tiring.

Responsibility for our choices, good or not so good belongs to each of us alone. Don’t blame the onion rings.

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