Sunday, May 9, 2010

A book store is one of my favorite places. I like the way they look and smell and generally really smart people work there. Well, maybe they just seem smart because they’ve read so many books and they know how to find even the most remote titles.

I think bookstores are almost like comfort food for me. My mom used to take me to the library before giant bookstores were invented, so to be surrounded by books just feels good. I stopped by for coffee at one of those comfort stores the other day. Holding my latte staring at book titles, my shoulders began to relax.

One book caught my attention, I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent. It instantly bothered me. It sounded so harsh. The author is the mother of eight. If I had eight kids I might not want to be anyone’s friend. I absolutely understand the reasoning behind the title, but it still bothered me. Maybe the title should have been, I’m Your Parent, Not Your Peer When You Are Little, But I Will Always Be You Friend. The publishing company probably would have vetoed that.

Maybe I was just one of the lucky few, but my mother was always my friend. Obviously the relationship shifted and changed through the seasons of our lives, but I always felt like she was my friend. I think where moms get into trouble is when they act the age of their kids leaving no reasonably sane adult to lead the troops.

This is the 10th Mother’s Day I’ve been without my mom. I still miss one of my best friends. So, I think I’ll spend the day with my favorite guy, the one who made me a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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