Sunday, December 26, 2010

“Wrinkles should indicate where the smiles have been.”

~Mark Twain

Mollie Jane crawled up in my lap for a little snuggle after dinner. Six inches from my nose she smiled and gently stroked my face. Heaven couldn’t be much sweeter. I could almost hear music. “Sue Sue,” she said softly as she drew circles around my mouth with her index finger.

“Yes, baby,” I said, thinking she was going to tell me she loved me to the moon and back.

“Sue Sue, you’re old,” she said smiling. The music screeched to a halt. “What were you before you were old?”

“Well, sweet girl, I was young,” I said, thinking that was the most logical answer.

“Probably so,” she answered. “But Sue Sue, .... now you’re old.” With that she hugged me tightly and went off to play.

“Maybe I need some lipstick,” I though. “Maybe I purse my lips too much.” But then, to comfort myself, I remembered twenty is old to a four year old.

I’m trying to embrace wrinkles. Surely they indicate one should be a little wiser than those with dewy, smooth skin. Jane Fonda once said, “Women are not forgiven for aging. Robert Redford’s lines of distinction are my old age wrinkles.” I saw her recently on a talk show. At 72 she looks to be about 50. A little Botox and nip and tuck have offered her years of forgiveness.

It’s so frustrating when things come to mind later you wished you’d have said in a moment you’re caught off guard. Generally it’s best it doesn’t surface until later, because typically it’s something you’d be sorry for having said.

This time was different. I wished I would have thought to tell Mollie Jane I was glad to be the age I am because if I wasn’t, she wouldn’t be in my life. She is so worth having wrinkles. Come to think of it, most of them are caused by smiles anyway.

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