Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our techno world has changed everything in the last 15 years. Much of it makes our lives so much easier by having what ever we need at our finger tips. Part of it also complicates things by making us available 24/7.

Of course you can look at your phone and let it go to voice mail, but be sure you’re not in public when you do that. I had someone say to me, “Oh sure, ignore my call this morning when you saw it was me on caller ID.” I was in a hurry in Walmart when she called from the produce aisle to say hi. What’s a smooth comeback for that one?

It’s all transforming so rapidly even my kids can “remember when” if I say remember when (fill in the blank) referring to technology. How can we forget schlepping store to store looking for the best deal hoping things were in stock? That memory is what puts online shopping on the top of my list of favorite things in the new cyber world.

I read an article in the Chicago Sun Times citing online sales up 12% on Cyber Monday from the same day last year reaching a phenomenal $1.28 billion! And most likely a hunk of those sales we made on Smart Phones. I’m not brave enough yet to let Droid handle my shopping. I’m afraid I might hit the wrong button or screen and end up with 100 monster trucks instead of 1.

I’ll just stick to the old fashioned way using my laptop and browsing at my convenience in PJs with a cup of coffee. I just hope things don’t advance to the point of face to face ordering so I don’t have to brush my hair and put on lipstick before shopping online.

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