Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes looking at things with the eyes of a child sets the world straight again. Everything is so fresh and new and special. Wouldn’t it be fun to approach Christmas with that childlike attitude instead of panic, worry and dread? Someone recently said to me, “I love this time of year, but I’ll be so glad when it’s over.” I understood what he was feeling, but it made me sad.

Last night I stepped away from the real adult world at Jackson’s school Christmas program. He’s a second grader at Redeemer Lutheran School so it can still be called a Christmas program. A couple of years ago he was Joseph, as in Mary and Joseph, in the kindergarten program. His dad, Jason, was Joseph in his kindergarten Christmas program too. That was when Jesus was allowed in public school. They both were possibly the blondest Christmas pageant characters ever on a stage. I suppose Joseph needed to be tall.

Last night’s program was the musical, The Christmas Chronicles. All the first through fourth graders were on stage in costume for the whole performance. Jackson was one of the angels who stood by the flock of sheep. He explained to me only third and fourth graders had speaking parts and everyone else was a singer. He’s already looking forward to next year.

In the middle of Scene 2, Senseless Census, a little girl angel in front of Jackson on the risers threw up. One of the teachers retrieved her from the stage, another teacher took care of the mess and the show never missed a beat.

Jackson sang on cue and during the speaking parts he worked on his loose tooth. He’s on his way to being a master of multitasking. Everyone remembered their lines and words to the songs. Even the violin ensemble’s rendition of Jingle Bells wan’t too squeaky.

In that hour the teachers were master instructors, the kids were Tony award winners, and the audience had a time of escape to be reminded of what’s really important. And, one little girl will always remember the night in second grade she threw up on stage.

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