Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I opened one of the world’s first compostable chips bags. Evidently Sun Chips has laid claim to being the first chips company to create such a bag. Can you imagine how many chips bags are thrown in the trash in this country. I know landfills are full of dirty diapers, but honestly we humans only use those for two or three years. We eat chips our entire lives.

Sun Chips launched the new bags in the spring this year. I read several reviews and would you believe there are people complaining the bag is too noisy. Come on. It can totally break down in 14 weeks in a compost pile and people are fussing because they think the bag makes to much noise. Maybe because it makes sneaking chips a little trickier. Granted the bag feels similar to those foil-like thermal blankets that are handed out at the end of a marathon to hold in body heat, but if the sound is too irritating the chips can always be dumped into a bowl or basket. Noise for 14 week disintegration isn’t a bad trade off.

I’ll have to admit, I’m an almost recycler. I sort of do it in fits and starts and stops. In our small community a person has to be really green and devoted because there isn’t a big green truck that comes every other week for a pick up like in large metroplexes. If you recycle you have to bag it up and take it to the recycle center. I heard recently they’ve stopped accepting glass. I thought that was one of the recycle basics. Does that make them an almost recycle center?

I do take magazines to dental and doctor offices and I try to use newspapers for packing and shipping things. Surely that counts for something. At least I don’t complain about the noise level of a compostable chips bag.

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