Saturday, July 3, 2010

I learned a real important lesson several years ago. Don’t let a hairdresser cut your hair when he or she is upset. I sat down in the chair for a regularly scheduled appointment and simply asked, “How are things going?” I spent the next hour and a half listening to everything that had gone wrong. Her husband admitted to an affair, her son had gotten in trouble at school and the electricity was shut off at her house because the bill wasn’t paid. She found the envelope she thought she had mailed between the seats of her car that morning.

I should have know better, but I sat there. She talked, I listened and she cut and snipped and cut. I wasn’t facing the mirror so I had no idea what was going on. When she finally finished and turned me around my hair looked like something between a Sharon Stone spike cut and Demi Moore bald. I was stunned. She said, “Oh I guess I was so into talking I cut a little more than I intended. The good news is hair grows really fast. See you next time.”

I have never gotten my hair cut facing anything but the mirror since then. The only good thing about that trip to the salon was for about eight weeks, my hair only took three minutes to dry. I felt almost naked for the first week and then decided to act like I had it cut that way on purpose because unlike some things, it couldn’t be fixed by anything but time.

Women historically fuss and whine about their hair. If it’s curly we want straight. If it’s short we want it long. If it’s long we try to gather the courage to get it cut. And we’re never satisfied with the color.

Here’s what I’ve decided ... no one is obsessed with your own hair like you are. So do the best you can with it, smile, and enjoy the day. Your hair looks better than you think it does.

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