Friday, July 23, 2010

There’s just something special about being a little sister. Kaylin, our youngest grandchild, is a little sister to two big brothers. Third born kids tend to be easy going, not because of genetics or anything scientific, but just because of the law of numbers. They learn early on the mini van will be their second home and that waiting is just part of the little brother/sister life.

Kaylin has been to T ball games, school programs, church events, birthday parties and already has a passport. She’s portable and comfortable wherever her brothers are. Jameson and Owen are like built in entertainment for her and, at this stage, she’s like the family mascot for them.

As Kaylin gets older the dynamics will shift a little as she starts to crawl and discovers her brothers superhero collections and other prized possessions. She’ll be a source of aggravation for the boys, but she’ll learn with time to charm her way out of every corner she paints herself into.

Jill grew up as the little sister. She was fiercely protected but never allowed to pull the “but I’m a girl” card. Once when Jason was in high school a friend said to him, “Man I feel sorry for anyone who tries to mess with Jill because of her two big brothers.” Jason smiled and said, “I don’t feel sorry for someone who tires to mess with Jill because of me or Travis. I feel sorry for the fool who tires to mess with Jill because of Jill.”

Kari has two older brothers too and she doesn’t run or hit like a girl either. I’m sure she’ll school Kaylin on dealing with big brothers as she grows up.

Being a little sister grabs benefits from both worlds. You’re loved, cherished and protected while your being taught to stand strong on your own two feet.

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