Sunday, July 4, 2010

I wonder if Thomas Jefferson had any idea the impact he would make on social calendars when he wrote the Declaration of Independence 230 plus years ago. We Americans celebrate intensely anyway, but the 4th of July tops the list. We have 4th of July sales and pre 4th of July sales on everything from cars to swim suits, barbecues, bonfires, parades and enormous fireworks displays. Everyone running for any political office this year will be out shaking hands and holding babies. In some states it’s legal to play with fire and blow things up yourself.

People get a little crazy on the 4th. Hospital emergency rooms all over the country are proof. That’s where we ended the evening on the Bicentennial 4th of July, with all the crazy people. In 1976 Skaggs was just a little community hospital not really equipped to handle the influx of summer tourists like it does today. The ER waiting room was full so we sat in folding chairs lining the hallway with 18 month old Jason who was running a 105 temp. There were broken bones, cuts, raw sun burns, and an extreme case of poison ivy sitting with us. Unless you were having a heart attack or a baby you had to wait your turn. I was pregnant and after two hours of waiting with a sick baby, I was tempted.

An angry man sat down across the hall from us. When I saw what was wrong with him, I knew I would be angry too. He had been fishing and all his brother-in-law caught was this guy’s upper lip. So there he sat on the 4th of July missing out on hot dogs and blowing things up because he had a fish hook sticking out of his mouth. He said it didn’t really hurt unless he laughed.

Have fun celebrating our country’s independence with family and friends today. Be safe and watch out for the other guy if you go fishing.

Happy Birthday America!

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