Friday, November 5, 2010

“People who pay for things never complain.  It’s the guy you give something to you can’t please.”          ~Will Rogers
It was probably one of the nicest events I’ve ever been to.  The location was one where I’d never go unless invited.  Opulent, is the only word I can think of.  It was one of those occasions you dig around in the back of the closet trying to find something appropriate to wear.
It started when the salads were served, “What is this dressing?  If it has anything but virgin olive oil in it I can’t eat it,” she said to the server.  “Do you know?”
“No Ma’am I don’t, but I’ll find out,” he said and hurried away.  Her tone of voice almost made me want to hurry.
He hadn’t been gone two minutes when the fussy lady said, “Where is that young man? You just can’t find good help these days.”  I knew then we were in for an interesting evening.
By the time the main course was served, she had complained the room was too hot, soup was too cold, the chairs were uncomfortable and asked who we were and why were we there.  Five minutes later she said, “People just don’t know how to dress for nice occasions.”  
I wondered if she was talking about me.  Maybe I should have looked further back in my closet. 
When she commented, “Can’t people be more creative,” as three layer chocolate filled cake was being served,” I could almost hear my mom saying, “well, you can’t please everyone.”
“Ha! That’s being kind.  I so badly wanted to ask this woman if she had enjoyed anything about the wonderful meal.  I didn’t.  If for nothing else couldn’t she be grateful she didn’t have to cook, she didn’t have to clean up afterwards and someone else paid for it.
I did learn one thing from the woman who could not be pleased: you may think it, but don’t say it, especially when you are someone’s guest.  It makes you look like a you-know-whatsy. 

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