Thursday, September 9, 2010

We all have personal moments that are huge and memorable ... a first kiss, the officer congratulating you on passing the driving test, landing a job you really wanted, a positive pregnancy test. More than likely you remember every detail. A lot of women can even remember what they were wearing.

Then there are events so enormous and startling you will forever remember where you were when they happened. I was having coffee with my next door neighbor, Marsha, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded and I sat motionless most of the day in my living room in front of the TV on 9/11. Those of us old enough call tell you exactly where we were standing when we learned of the assassination of JFK. Tragedies are difficult to delete from your memory.

There is one fabulous memory for me and everyone I grew up with. If asked the “where were you when...” question, we can instantly answer. “Where were you the night the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show?”

I was at St. Paul Methodist Church for Sunday night youth group. We had just finished Frito pie and broom hockey when the youth director slowly rolled out the TV on a big cart. More than likely most churches in America followed the same plan knowing their fellowship halls would be empty that Sunday if they didn’t.

That night who knew John, Paul, George and Ringo from Liverpool would have such an impact on music. Their songs have run from simple; I Want To Hold Your Hand to the complex and analyzed; I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends. After a lifetime of almost fifty years, their music is still heard every day.

Historic events are like watermarks in time for us. However, I’m slowly realizing every day has it’s own defining moments. I want to learn to treat every one of them like a Beatles on Ed Sullivan kind of day.

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