Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The look in her eyes said more clearly than words, “I’ve had it.” Many times it’s easier to understand body language than what a person says. Even though I had just met her, she was easy to read. She was ready to rip someone apart, but the polite person in her was holding it in check. I could tell one tiny wrong move in the conversation might send her into orbit, so I tip toed very carefully.

Every conversation starter question I asked seemed to irritate her. “So, what does your husband do,” I finally asked thinking I was safe. I knew he was very successful, so how could I go wrong? “Oh, he has several companies and is starting a new one,” she said and went on to explain what he did.

“Wow that sounds exciting,” I said truly interested. “Whoop-de-do for,” him she answered, obviously jealous of her own husband’s success. All I do is take care of three children.” I finally decided my best bet was to enjoy lunch and let the other women at the table carry the conversation, because this was going no where.

Later that day one of the women from lunch shared her concern for her friend. “She seems to be sliding down a slope and won’t grab anyone’s hand. Everyone has tried to help, but things just keep getting darker for her. She used to be so happy.”

“She’s like trout in a fish net,” I offered. “Excuse me?” the woman looked at me.

“Have you ever watched a fisherman scoop up a trout he’s caught? When it’s lifted out of the water, the fish wiggles and squirms and fights the net. Even when the net is lowered back into the water for the fish to be released it still fights. Until it finally relaxes it stays tangled up wearing it’s self out. When it finally calms down it easily swims out.”

“No matter how much help everyone offers her, until your friend looks at her life and understands for herself how blessed she is, she’ll stay tangled up. Until then it’s like talking to a fish,” I added. She nodded and smiled.

“A heart at peace gives life to the body...”
~Proverbs 14:30

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