Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sitting in the sand under one of those thatched roof umbrellas with a good book, a glass of tea staring at the waves is almost like a sedative for me. It’s so addictive, I once considered moving to Mexico to braid hair and live on the beach in tee shirts, shorts and flip flops year around. Then my daydream was rudely interrupted by one of those guys walking down the shoreline selling silver necklaces hanging off his arm. Maybe that would be more profitable than braiding hair at the resort because there’s no middle man.

Then I remembered how much I enjoy the first day in the fall when you need a sweater and the first day in the spring when you really don’t need one. I suddenly realized I would miss the seasons if let my inner hippie come out and move me to the beach.

Just like there are seasons of weather, there are seasons in life. Seasons in life change regardless of the climate you live in. You can’t move to the beach to escape the bitter winter or to the mountains for relief from the scorching summer heat, you just have to live through the uncomfortable stretches life brings.

When I was a kid, at the end of every summer there was a family fun night for the professional businessmen’s association my dad belonged to. After the bar-b-que picnic the parents played bingo and the children were turned loose in the amusement park that was closed to the general public. It was a kids dream.

For several summers I rode everything except the scary ride. Then one summer my friend talked me into going with her. She was scared too, but figured we could handle it if we went together.

The two doors flung open and the car took us under the laughing clown into the darkness as the doors closed behind. Lights flashed, characters dropped from the ceiling, and things jumped out from the walls. I still can’t figure out how that’s fun. After what seemed like forever, I could see the doors open and the light came shining in. We were at the end and we had made it!

Occasionally life takes us on the scary ride, but because there are seasons, if we just hang on, the doors will eventually open into a different one. It makes the trip a little easier if we can remember there’s light at the end and it’s easier to go through if a friend is holding your hand.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity
under heaven ...”

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

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