Friday, February 5, 2010

In high school I thought it was easier to hang out with the guys than the girls. Maybe because they were just more even keeled and emotionally the very same every day. With girls it was like living in an ongoing episode of Days Of Our Lives. It wore me out.

My kids think it’s funny I was a cheerleader. I remember wishing I could play football because it was so much less dramatic. I finally got my chance when the cheerleaders and drill team had a flag football game to raise money for charity. Guess what? The drama left the sidelines and simply moved onto the field. After the game the varsity football coach told me he’d give anything if I was a boy. I suppose that was meant to be a compliment.

I think because women are plugged in to so many things at once and process in multiple arenas at the same time we get to the point of circuit overload. There’s where the drama starts. Men are very compartmentalized. When they are at work they are at work. When they are at home they are at home. When they are playing golf, they are playing golf.

I like that. It’s easy to follow but unrealistic for me. Face it, that's not how a woman's brain operates. My friend Fran laughs about the first business proposal she made to an all male board of directors. As she was presenting she said these thoughts fluttered across her mind: How’s my son doing on his spelling test? Did my daughter make up with her friend on the playground? Did I pack the right sandwich in the right lunch box and why on earth did I wear a white suit this time of the month? The men were at work so they were at work thinking about work.

My thoughts slosh around like a goldfish in a take home baggie. Much of the time I don’t know which direction they’re going next. More than likely in high school I thought if I would hang out with the guys I would learn how they compartmentalize like they do. I didn’t.

What I have figured out is this; neither way of thinking is better, just different. We are meant to balance each other. If we will slow down long enough, we can gain a different perspective. Women can learn from men; life really is simpler taking one compartment at a time. Men can learn from women; a little drama keeps it interesting.

“...let us encourage one another...” -Hebrews 10:25


  1. I totally agree! Most of my friend throughout my whole life have been "boys" and still are! Or, a few VERY low maintenance girls!

  2. You want drama, just watch the Bachelor. These women thrive on drama. Poor Jake is in a tail spin. If he chooses any of them, it will probably be a mistake.

  3. I had more male friends in college than I did female ones (though the three close female friends I had were extremely important and remain so today). God must have been preparing me for life with a husband and four boys.