Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The average person spends 30% of their life sleeping. Many times I feel like I spend the rest of my life waiting ... on something. When I Googled I found the average person waits between 45 and 62 minutes a day. This is one area where I’m absolutely sure I’m above average. We wait at traffic lights, the doctor’s office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, in the pick up lane at school, in the lines at the bank and the post office, in airports, in the check out line and to be seated at restaurants.

My friend Darnell told me years ago she kept a book in her purse for waiting time. Now we can text or check email or balance bank accounts while we wait. Some days get so busy, waiting almost becomes a welcomed break. A break or not, the majority of us are not good waiters.

We’re impatient and admit or not, we don’t want to wait on anything. Because our lives have become so drive-through and microwave-instant when we do have to wait it’s almost shocking to our systems.

There are some things that take more than the average 45 to 62 minute bite out of our days. We have to wait on babies to be born, bodies to heal, broken hearts to mend, love to grow and children to grow up.

Our biggest test is not wishing the time away during the wait. This is especially challenging while raising kids. We’re so tempted to say, “I can’t wait until she is potty trained. I can’t wait until he can drive. I can’t wait until they graduate.” But, you can and you do. Then they’re gone.

One thing we can never have again is today. Enjoy it, take advantage of it, make the most of it. When you have to wait, and you will because of the law of averages, don’t wish away your time. Text someone you love them, make a Walmart list or clean out your purse.

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