Friday, January 8, 2010

Recently I was flying to an event on a Friday afternoon. Because there were numerous cancellations and weather delays frustration was running high. Like cows headed to the barn, Friday afternoon business travelers were ready to get home. Being detained only heightened the tension. I made my way through security and found a seat at the gate.

Since the small plane looked like it would only be about half full, I was shocked when boarding was announced to watch everyone rush the gate as if there was a seat shortage. Maybe they knew something I didn’t, so I quickly got in line.

The man in front of me commented to the man in front of him that it really wasn’t necessary to push. Obviously the man who had done the pushing was angry to begin with and now he was really hot. He wheeled his carry on bag around and got right up in the face of man in front of me. “You shut up!” he said, in a loud voice. Then told him where he could go. The man in front of me took a step back and so did I thinking a full on fist fight was about to break out and I might take the first punch! As I was trying to get out of the way I bumped in to a very tall, bowed up National Guard guy in uniform who very politely said, “Gentlemen, let’s all calm down, turn around and get on the plane.” And they did.

The TSA agents should be on the lookout for angry Friday afternoon flyers as well as terrorists.

When I sat down on the plane all I could do was laugh. People look at you strangely when you are sitting alone laughing. Truly I haven’t been in a situation like that since 7th grade. I sure hope the pushing man realized how ridiculous he looked.

Why can’t we all just get along? I guess some people never emotionally graduate from Jr. High and the need to push. Maybe we should learn how to be nice from watching schools of fish: Stick together. Swim in the same direction. Avoid collisions when at all possible.

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