Thursday, January 7, 2010

I’ll have to be honest. I’m in an adrenaline let down today. This must be how the football players feel after the Super Bowl. Well, ... kind of. January 7th does me this way every year. Our family parties from Thanksgiving until yesterday. Right after all the turkey is my daughter, Jill’s birthday. My oldest son Jason’s birthday is three days before Christmas. Next we have Christmas for one full week with all the parties and dinners straight in to New Year’s celebrations. The final hurrah was my middle son Travis’ birthday yesterday. Next year we’ll celebrate two new babies’ birthdays who were born November 12th and December 14th. It’s like a 6 week festival of sorts!

Last night when we were singing Happy Birthday and having cake one more time, I knew it was coming. Again, it’s January 7th. Today I think I’ll take a deep breath and regroup. Am I tired, absolutely. Am I blessed, beyond imagination. When I consider how many lonely people spend this time of year in a well of sadness, I teeter on feeling guilty if I even consider complaining about my adrenaline crash. A cup of coffee and a hug usually make things better anyway. Today when you’re out in the world remember this; so many people you come across need a kind word of encouragement. How many can you make smile?

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