Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is full of unexpected. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise but unfortunately there are some things that cause a big “OH, NO!” For me running in to a friend at Walmart when I'm not in a hurry, finding a $20.00 in the pocket of a coat I haven’t worn in two years, and thinking the McDonald’s cup of sweet tea is empty and realizing it’s still half full, fall into the make-me-smile category.

Recently I bought a book written by Neil Pasricha, The Book Of Awesome. It’s a collection of situations that make you say or think, “awesome!” when they happen. Some of them are; finding French fries at the bottom of the bag, tripping and realizing nobody saw you, and laughing so hard you make no sound at all. I wish had a couple of hours and a large Dr. Pepper and I’d sit on the back porch and read and laugh.

Sometimes if you choose to laugh instead of getting all tangled in a knot, the “OH, NO” unexpected are the funniest of all. Running out of gas when it’s pouring rain, realizing your wallet is on the kitchen counter after the cashier has just rung up $145.72 at the grocery store, and not having a change of baby clothes when your daughter has a major head-to-toe blow-out at a nice restaurant are in the are-you-kidding-me category.

I think the secret to laughing at things that make you say "OH, NO!" is knowing they happen to everyone. No one is exempt. It’s just so much funnier when they happen to someone else.

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