Monday, June 14, 2010

Going to a movie is a tiny vacation for me. It’s a momentary escape from the real world. Movie theaters are like hotels; it’s more fun to go to a nice one. Trying out a theater when you’re out of town is similar to getting a haircut from a strange barber. You never know quite what to expect.

One time I wished I had a newspaper or a toilet seat cover to put on the velvety theater seat before I sat down. It was hard to concentrate on what I was watching because I just knew something was going to run across my feet at any moment. As we were leaving my flip flop stuck to the floor and I walked out of it. Then my foot stuck to the floor. I do more research now before buying tickets online.

For me, half of the movie experience is the popcorn. It’s the only time it seems acceptable to eat that much butter. The Dr. Pepper at our local theater is the perfect syrup to carbonation ratio. And only at the movie theater would anyone pay that much for a snack.

Over the years, screen play writers have offered some of the best one liners from “Frankly Scarlett....” to “Show me the money!” One of my favorite movies is The Holiday. Kate Winslet’s character, Iris, has befriended an elderly screen writer and has taken him to dinner. He asks why such a lovely girl is spending the holiday alone halfway across the globe. She begins to cry as she explains she is trying to get away from someone who has broken her heart.

In his wisdom, he explains to Iris in the movies there are the leading ladies and there are the best friends. Then he asks, “You are definitely a leading lady. Why are you acting like the best friend?”

Then Iris says, “You should be the leading lady of your own life!” That is brilliant.

We all should be the leading lady or man in our own lives. An attitude change is all it takes. It’s your life ... starring you. Act like it.

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