Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have openly admitted I am a creature of routine, habit, and schedule. I love the plan, I love to work the plan and I love it when a plan comes together. And yes, since I’m being so brutally honest, if I do something that isn’t on the to-do list, I write it down so I can mark it off. I’m kind of like a person in rehab. “Hi, I’m Suzette. I know I have a planning problem and I’m working on it.”

Giving myself some credit, I'm learning to roll with it if the plan changes or even if the wheels totally fall off. I suppose it’s OK to be near obsessive with planning if you understand that most likely, in real time, it won’t look like it does on paper.

Travis and Kari both like the plan so it’s no surprise Owen and Jameson do too. A couple of months ago the boys were at our house for a sleepover. We explained Big and Sue Sue’s house rules were a tad bit different from the ones at their house. We ate when and whenever and totally ignored the clock. The one thing we stuck to was bedtime devotional, even though is was an hour and a half later than the schedule at their house. Time just gets by when you’re jumping on the bed.

At home they were reading though a Bible story book and knew exactly which one was next. They listened intently as Jim read about Jesus and why God sent him to earth. At the end of the story were questions. The second question was, “Why did Jesus have to die?” With the authority and conviction of a Congressman three-year-old Owen said, “Because he made bad choices.”

Now that’s a stiff penalty for making bad choices. I almost bit my tongue off to keep from laughing. Jim calmly said, “Owen Jesus made all good choices. He died because we made the bad choices. God has a plan.”

“Oh, OK,” he said, considering something adults grapple with.

While I’m wrestling to make a plan, God’s working his. He’s the primo organizer and always has a day-to-day plan that’s better than anything I could dream up.

Easter is God’s big plan. Enjoy the feasts, the bunnies and the eggs, but more importantly, consider the plan.

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